Maui Polo Club Spring 2018 Schedule

April 8th Opening Day, Club Game
April 15thUSPA Amateur Cup, 0-2 Goal
April 22ndUSPA Sportsmanship Cup, 0-3 Goal
April 29th USPA Masters Cup, 3-6 Goal
May 5th
NYTS tournament (Youth series @ outdoor field)
May 6th USPA Sherman memorial Cup, 3-6 Goal
May 13th 22nd Annual Island Biker Smackdown, 3-6 Goal
May 20th Oskie Rice Memorial Cup
May 28th
Manduke Memorial Invitational Cup
June 3rdUSPA Delegates Cup, 6-9 Goal
June 10thUSPA WCT Womens Arena Challenge
June 17thFathers Day George Manoa Invitational
June 24th Jerry McGreggor Memorial Jacaranda Cup - season Finale
Maui Polo

Maui Horseback Riding

Piiholo Ranch News

Piiholo Ranch Equestrian Center

Located up-country in Makawao, Piiholo Ranch has all your equestrian needs. Natural Hordemanship, Team Roping, Cattle Sorting, Western and Jumping horse shows. 1-3 day Horsemanship clinics throughout the year. If arena riding is not your thing, Piiholo Ranch has 800 acres of trail riding. Towering rain forests, wide open green rolling pastures with spectacular views of the ocean, mountains and surrounding islands. You don’t need to own your own horse, monthly leasing options are available for Piiholo Ranch Horses. Riding lessons are open to everyone.

325 Waiahiwi Road, Makawao, Maui

Piiholo Maui Horseback Boarding

  • 20’ x 40’ paddocks
  • 12’ x 12’ covered 3 slider shelter
  • Grass pasture turnout 7 days a week
  • Fly spray & hooves picked every day
  • 800 acres of trail riding
  • 160 x 290 competition sand arena
  • 60 foot round pen
  • Monthly events and clinics
  • Home to Rope Maui Productions
  • Tack room with covered area
  • Fed morning and afternoon
  • Automatic waterers
  • $800 per horse a month
  • 10% discount for Multiple horses

Piiholo Ranch Riding Club

We invite you to join the Piiholo Ranch Riding Club. You won’t find a more beautiful place to ride than Piiholo Ranch, with its 800 acres of open ranch land, green rolling pastures, towering rain forests, with spectacular mountain and ocean views.

The Riding Club has been established to give riders the opportunity to experience an amazing part of upcountry Maui for a nominal monthly fee. The ranch will be open every sunday from 8:00am to 4:00pm for your personal enjoyment. You will be able to use the arena, round pen and ranch trails solo or with other members of the Riding Club and piiholo Ranch Boarders.

Our riding facilities include a 160 x 190 competition arena, 60-foot round pen and outdoor pavillian to enjoy before and after your ride. The cost to join the Riding Club is $250 for the initial month, and $200 every month thereafter.

All riders and their horses must go through an evaluation process by Piiholo ranch Management to insure that their riding skills, horsemanship and horse are qualified to join the Riding Club. Minimum age restrictions apply, so please inquire with ranch management for more information. Contact Morgan Rose (808)276-4929.

Piiholo Maui Horseback Riding Club

Maui Horseback Riding

Hawai‘i Paniolo Culture

I slip my foot into the stirrup and climb atop Bobcat, my horse for the day at Pi‘iholo Ranch–an 800-acre spread on the slope of Haleakala, Maui’s 10,023-foot tall volcano.

I don’t know how to rope or ride, but that doesn’t concern Morgan Rose, the head wrangler at Pi‘iholo. She’s my guide for today’s two-hour horseback tour and seems to have enough confidence for the both of us. “Welcome to my office,” Rose says, sweeping her arm out to encompass Pi‘iholo’s tidy paddock and rolling pastureland. “I get to horse around all day.”

The bucolic property belongs to Peter Baldwin, a member of Hawai‘i’s fame paniolo, the term Hawaiians use for cowboys. Baldwin is a celebrated rodeo competitor and polo player, and a member of one of Hawai‘i’s first ranching families. His father, Richard “Manduke” Baldwin, learned howto lasso wild cattle from none other than the roper Ikua Purdy, who helped solidify the legend of the paniolo in American Western folklore.

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Maui Horseback Riding

Hawaiian Passage: A remarkable adventure on Maui and the Big Island provides a journey in self-exploration

I’ll Fly Away

Seeing one of the islands from the air has always been a dream of mine and today Blue Hawaiian Helicopters is going to make this dream come true. This is a great way to see a lot fast. Our group flies over the lush green fields of Maui near the Haleakala Crater; inside it looks like something from a sci-fi book – a stark moonscape. My companions ooh and aaah as we fly past the crater seeing multiple rainbows and waterfalls, making me understand why Maui is so lush and green as it is.

We make our way up the coast toward Hana, going inland to our landing spot at the rustic Piiholo Ranch. As the helicopter lands the breathtaking panoramic views of Maui from this spot make you comprehend why the cabins are built at this location. The cabins are owned by the seven-generation Baldwin family and are tucked up at 2,000 feet on the slopes of Haleakala Mountain. Peter Baldwin and his yellow Labrador, Tipper, are there to greet us and give us some of the 100-year-old history of Piiholo Ranch. This working 800-acre ranch offers ziplining, an ATV experience and the traditional paniolo cowboy horseback adventure.

After a catered lunch it’s back down the mountain. I’m second-guessing my choice as I look up at this big steed that I’m supposed to hop on in the rain. I think I’ve been on a horse maybe twice in my life. Ahni Francisco and Morgan Rose, wranglers for the ranch, make it look easy though. They ride sideways and backward as they guide us back down through wild guava trees, honeysuckle and babbling streams. The rain creates a quiet and tranquility that give me a sense of awe, this is not the Hawaii most people think of. Arriving back at the ranch makes me realize I have been lucky to experience it.

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Maui Horseback Riding

Upcountry State of Mind

Where Cowboys and Cattle Roam

In search of lost time, Susan and I motor over to Piiholo Ranch, scarcely over a mile into the countryside from the museum. On 800 acres carved out of the 30,000-plus-acre Haleakala Ranch, Piiholo is the creation of Peter D. Baldwin, last in the unbroken line of Baldwins to serve as president of that scarcely diminished entity. The dynasty to which he belongs entered local history in the 1830s in the person of the Connecticut Yankee the Rev. Dwight Baldwin, missionary, physician and unofficial Maui postmaster. From the incorporation of the Haleakala Ranch in 1888 until Peter’s retirement in 2000, the reverend’s descendants and that sprawling enterprise were virtually synonymous.

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Maui Horseback Riding

Paradise Found: The Best of Maui

Cowboy for a Day

If you’ve always thought cowboys only roamed the Wild West, you might be surprised to learn Makawao, Maui, is the home of the paniolo or Hawaiian cowboy. Situated in the region known as Upcountry, on the mid-slopes of Haleakala volcano, Makawao has drawn cattle-wrangling paniolo since the 19th century. Every year on the Fourth of July, the town holds the largest rodeo competitions in Hawaii. Piiholo Ranch, owned by the 7th generation of the Baldwin family, offers riding and cattle roundup experiences in a safe and exciting setting so you can play paniolo for the day.

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Maui Horseback Riding

Aloha Adventures

Beyond MagazineHawaii offers Amazing Beauty and Excitement

…Maui is a great location to learn about the state’s rich paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) culture with a horseback ride at Piiholo Ranch, a large property in Makawao on the slopes of Haleakala. This family-owned ranch boasts more than 800 acres of riding trails, and a two hour private horseback ride takes you up hillside pastures, through fragrant eucalyptus forests, and among native koa and ‘ohia lehua trees, with stunning views of the ocean.

It you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the endangered nene (Hawaiian goose), or an ‘apapane, a species of Hawaiian honeycreeper bird endemic to Hawaii.

You can even be a cowboy on Tuesdays and Thursdays and help round up the cattle and move them to new pastures. After a couple hours of cattle work, you’ll finish the day with a picnic lunch back at the ranch.

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Maui Horseback Riding

Best of America by Horseback

Best of America by Horseback visits the Piiholo Ranch on the island of Maui in Hawaii. Here you can ride your horse across the wonderful landscapes of this island. you can also enjoy other things like ziplining, learn the luau, or skeet shooting.

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Maui Horseback Riding

Equine education at Maui’s Piiholo Ranch

By Tovin Lapan /

I was clearly not the boss.

Our guide, Tara Spires, had instructed us to not let the horses eat grass during our three-hour ride, but as an equestrian novice I was fighting a losing battle with “Griz.”

It didn’t take long for the chestnut horse to realize he knew more about navigating the trail and keeping us both safe than I did. So, he went ahead and enjoyed the grass buffet despite my protests. With some tips from Spires (a swift kick to the side and yank on the reins should do it), pretty soon I had the hang of things and Griz and I eased into a symbiotic partnership.

Griz handled the winding, rocky path, and when I was too awestruck by the scenery, and general serenity, to notice what he was doing, he got to munch on some greens.

The day at Piiholo Ranch in Maui’s upcountry started with an introduction to our horses and basic riding techniques. We learned that some horses, just like people, do not get along and are best kept at a distance. Tara taught us the Western style of riding and the keys for directing our steeds, and we were on our way.

The horses moved at a deliberate, steady pace through part of Piiholo Ranch’s 800 acres, making our way past grasslands and lush forest canopies, gradually ascending the mountain side. Spires was a personable and knowledgeable guide, offering just the right amount of information along the way while allowing the group, a media trip sponsored by the Maui Visitors and Convention Bureau, the opportunity to take in the panoramic views. During the tour we learned about the ranch’s long, interesting history and details on the flora and fauna.

The ranch is owned by Peter Baldwin, and the family’s roots in Hawaii date back to the 1830s. The Baldwin’s first got into ranching in the late 1870s, when Henry Baldwin formed the Haleakala Ranch with some business partners. The Baldwins still compete in roping and other cowboy competitions, and lease the land for cattle grazing. 

The property abuts the Makawao Forest Reserve, and the vegetation and trees gets thicker and grander as you get closer to the rain forest. There are numerous native plants and animals to see, including the koa acacia tree, kukui tree, eucalyptus groves, various coffee plants and ferns, the yellow plover and nene goose.  

At 2,000 feet, the weather was noticeably cooler than at beachside, and the intermittent light drizzle and fog were a nice change of pace after days of sun. Trotting through the woods with few sounds other than the chirps and calls of birds nested in the trees above, the ranch felt a world away from the resorts, surf and sand of Kaanapali. 

The ride included lunch at the Baldwin family cabins, where grazing black angus cattle came to inspect our group and the horses from a safe distance. While we rested from the first leg of our ride and took in the views from the rustic cabin, we enjoyed kale Caesar salads, Champagne and turkey sandwiches on ciabatta bread. 

For those looking to get a bird’s-eye view before experiencing the ranch, Piiholo offers a helicopter ride from Kahului Airport that takes visitors past some of Maui’s waterfalls before landing at the cabins, where a wrangler is waiting to lead a horseback ride. 

Piiholo also offers a shorter, two-hour ride with no lunch, and programs for both beginner and more experienced riders. In addition to standard lessons, true horse lovers can tackle the “cowboy for a day” experience, where riders learn basic techniques and assist in rounding up cattle. The helicopter tour and three-hour ride with lunch are great options for honeymooners or couples looking for a romantic getaway from beachside activities. 

The ranch, which has gradually adopted more of a tourism-focused business plan, opened a zipline in 2008. They offer packages with a range of four to seven different ziplines to ride, and a combined zipline and waterfall hike tour, as well.

Maui Horseback Riding

Maui Horse Show Association

Each Year MHSA ( Maui Horse Show Association ) holds a benefit ride at Piiholo Ranch. Horseback riders from all over the island head up to Piiholo Ranch Headquarters where they begin their ride. Riders either trailer their horses up for the event or rent horses from the Ranch. This year, Peter Baldwin lead the ride on his 800 acre Ranch and provided everyone with a bit of Paniolo history along the ride. Peter took the ride down to the lower Ponds of Kalena. Most riders enjoyed seeing them for the first time. These ponds are included on Keali’i Reichel’s lastest CD, “Kawaiokalena”.  To end the ride, we settled in to a picnic back at the Ranch headquarters. Everyone had a fun day!

Contact the organizers below:
Phone: 808-269-2103
Facebook: MHSA Facebook Page

Maui Special Rodeo

Maui Special Rodeo

Founded in 2010 by Team Roper, Cole Hendrickson for his Senior Class Project, the Maui Special Rodeo is fast becoming one of Maui’s favorite annual events. This rodeo is dedicated to children with special needs, and is designed to provide an opportunity to experience all the excitement of a rodeo in a safe and supportive environment. The children have access to horseback riding, ‘dummy’ bull rides, roping instruction from real cowboys, rodeo games in the arena, a petting zoo, scavenger hunt, coloring club, and a swag bag full of rodeo goodies.

The 4th annual Maui Special Rodeo will be held on Sunday, November 8, 2015 at Piiholo Ranch in Makawao. Members of the general public are invited to attend and cheer on the rodeo kids, while experiencing the paniolo (cowboy) lifestyle in beautiful upcountry Maui.

Maui Special Rodeo is presented by Piiholo Ranch and Haku Baldwin Center, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. For information on volunteering, donating, or making a corporate sponsorship contribution, contact the organizers below:

Phone: 808-357-2281
Website: Maui Special Rodeo

Piiholo Special Rodeo