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To truly get a unique horseback riding experience, in a very personal and private setting, there is no better place to Piiholo Ranch! The guides and management are first class and the setting on 800+ acres of lush hillsides with spectacular views (including sightings of Axis Deer, Pheasants, Wild pigs, etc..) is like no other Maui adventure. They will take great care of you!

– Kirk L.

Maui Horseback Riding

5 Stars

My wife and I enjoyed an experience of a lifetime at Piiholo Ranch Horseback on the three hour private ride with Molly (our wrangler). The best word to describe the experience is thoughtfulness. Everything was done thoughtfully and thoroughly to make the experience as enjoyable and relaxing as possible.

We had no significant experience riding and Molly taught us the basics and told us all about the horses we would be riding. I was riding Maui, a large and surefooted horse who was akin to a pickup truck, and my wife rode Tonto, a smaller horse who was described as the cool race car horse. My wife was smiling ear to ear the entire time she was riding Tonto (she even gave him a hug at the end of the ride!).

We stopped at the cabin for a sandwich lunch and pictures. The food was fantastic and we devoured everything. They even brought us some champagne to celebrate our honeymoon. They also picked some fresh fruit from what was available by the cabin. The cabin itself sits atop a gorgeous hilltop with incredible views. Everything in the cabin is antique but clean and well kept. We were only there for an hour but it felt like home…

Shout out to Ashley and Morgan for their effort in making our visit extraordinary. And a huge thank you again to Molly for guiding us and teaching us so much today and making sure we had an awesome time.
– Gillad M., Manhattan, NY

Maui Horseback Riding
5 Stars12/22/2016
Beautiful location. Super responsive horses. Clean and welcoming ranch. Great staff guides. This was one of the best rides we’ve ever done (and we’ve done quite a few). Kudos to Morgan for an amazing two hour ride!
– R. M., Las Vegas, Nevada

Maui Horseback Riding
5 Stars7/21/2015
What a great experience! Beautiful vistas, knowledgeable guide, great horses topped off with a nice lunch at a quaint log cabin. Clean, nice barns. Really top notch.

– Don K., Fort Worth, TX

Maui Horseback Riding

5 Stars7/7/2015
I rode at Piiholo Ranch twice in June 2015. Both rides were private, customized rides that were a mix of exploring the ranch and cow work (which I had not done before.) I have two horses at home and ride competitively in Eventing, so I was looking for more than a group trail ride. I initially spoke with Susie and was referred to Konnie. Konnie helped me brainstorm options and put together two incredible rides for me.

I was honored to ride with Peter Baldwin, who was generous with his guidance (and very patient when I made rookie mistakes) regarding cow work. Peter and his family are among the most influential ranchers on Maui, and have been for seven generations. I could feel the history and tradition of the ranch through Peter’s stories, which he shared with me as we brought the cows down from their pasture to the round pen.

We were joined by Peter’s grandson, Owen, and Owen’s awesome cattle dog (Bob), along with expert guide, Kristen. Kristen was my partner in working the cows, and I enjoyed her friendly camaraderie and helpful hints. My trusty steed for both rides was Pecan.

Being a long-time horse owner, I was very pleased to see that the ranch is immaculate and in good repair, the barn is tidy and well-organized, and the horses are maintained in excellent condition. On the days that I was there, I saw horses getting preventative joint care by a veterinarian and in-depth evaluations along with some specialty shoeing by a farrier.

I could certainly go on with my praises, but will close by saying that if you are looking to go horseback riding on Maui, look no further… you have found your place at Piiholo Ranch.
– Jennifer S., San Jose, CA

Maui Horseback Riding

5 Stars4/26/2015
5 stars doesn’t quite cut it for our experience at Pi’iholo Ranch. My girlfriend became my fiancé during our private ride with Joanna (our horses were Mouse and Wosco), and we can’t imagine a more perfect experience. Joanna was an outstanding guide, and knows the area and her horses very well. The ranch has absolutely gorgeous views everywhere you look during the ride, and has a fantastic location in upcountry Maui (we did see some of the Axis Deer as well0. Upon arriving, we were greeted by Peter and Suzie, who immediately made us feel like family. They shared stories, showed us their book and newspaper clippings to explain the family and the ranch to us (both are very impressive), and were very genuine in wanting to know about us. Peter and Suzie went out of their way to call me ahead of time to discuss my proposal, and took the time to set out some snacks and champagne at their cabins after we set off to enhance the setting where I proposed. The ride itself was not your typical trail ride, as we often ventured off of the trials and got to ride through the beautiful grasses of that area. I was blown away by the hospitality and the quality of the ride, and the whole experience in general. We live in Colorado, and my fiancé is from Kansas, so it takes something special when it comes to horseback riding and views to really impress us…and we were blown away by both at Pi’iholo. This place is the real deal, and you are missing a truly unique Maui experience if you don’t visit this place. I hope to visit again someday.

– Evan F., Denver, CO

Maui Horseback Riding

5 Stars4/26/2015
This is our second visit to Piiholo Ranch for a private horseback ride. This year Morgan was our riding expert and guide. Morgan knows the horses well and selected the best ones for our ride. She took us off the normal paths onto beautiful pastures where we get could let the horses have fun at full speed.

The views from the ranch in Up Country on Haleakala are spectacular and there isn’t a better way to explore the area.

They also have a great zipline area too. We did that last year right after our two hour ride.

I would recommend the afternoon ride for cooler weather with nice winds. If you really know how to ride then this is the place to go for well trained horses that don’t just follow a trail.

Maui's Best Horseback2/23/20172 hour horseback ride
Our guide Mollie was knowledgeable, funny, and entertaining. The horses are so well cared for and so well trained. I rode the best horse ever in my life at this Ranch. Everyone in the family enjoyed it including the teenager. If you want to get close to nature and fresh air this is the place.
– Danielle H.

Maui Horseback Riding

Maui's Best Horseback3/22/2017Will Have To Do This Again! Totally Awesome!
Always wanted to do this but it took my 80 year old mom who had this on her “bucket list” of do’s to get me going on it. Tara was an extremely talented guide and made us feel right at home. I’d only ridden once, my husband – never and my mom grew up on horses but hadn’t ridden in 40 years. We rode Tonto (my horse), Boomer, my mom’s and Bob Cat, my husbands. Tara rode her own horse, Griz. Great horses!! Loved them! Was very hard to leave at the end. After getting settled on our horses, provided with information on handling them, we started out on a beautiful trail that meandered up and down and around the lovely fields. Tara was very watchful, very well versed in handling tours and keeping up a running dialog so that we didn’t miss anything. Was an excellent tour! Don’t miss this one!
– Carrie L

Maui Horseback Riding

Maui's Best Horseback2/2/2017Piiholo Ranch Horseback Ride
The 2 hour ride was perfect. Friendly staff and horses, panoramic vistas and a chance to experience the spirit of upcountry Maui. All said highly recommended – I will definitely return.
This is not an absentee operation. The owners are on site and even communicate with the customers to ensure a great ride from aloha (booking) to aloha (farewell).

Daniel L Z, Stamford, Connecticut

Maui Horseback Riding

Maui's Best Horseback2/15/2016 “the real thing!”
Meticously kept, super friendly and clean ranch. We did the “cowboy for a day” treat with the owner, Peter Baldwin. He teaches you so much gently but very clear .. You are out there in the ranch cutting cows and driving them before you realize ! We will definitely go for the same thing again, it’s so much fun!

– Johannes R, Zürich, Switzerland

Maui Horseback Riding

Maui's Best Horseback2/1/2016 “Beautiful Horseback ride!”
I would highly recommend this ranch because of the care and condition of their horses! 800 acres – beautiful scenery and Morgan our guide was fantastic!
– Karen P, Moxee, Washington

Maui Horseback Riding

Maui's Best Horseback12/10/2015 “Piiholo Ranch is breathtaking and real.”
My wife and I enjoy different horseback riding. I like the ranch riding and cattle work, she likes casual riding. We got both on the same day. Not an inexpensive adventure, however the value was absolutely received. I went with Peter, a legend in rodeo and polo awards, and a real cowboy and gentleman. I am still in awe at how real and enjoyable my ride with Peter was. My wife was with Kim and loved every minute. We both learned so much of the history of Hawaii and the ranch. If you want real horse riding on superb horses, this is your answer!
– Fred V., Dallas, Texas

Maui Horseback Riding
Maui's Best Horseback8/30/2015 “Beautiful terrain from horseback.”
Joanna was a great guide. She was ready for us when we arrived. We didn’t have to wait and actually started a few minutes early. She was friendly, did a great job setting us up with horses and very knowledgeable about the are we rode through. We really enjoyed the private ride!

– Amy L., Tacoma, Washington

Maui Horseback Riding

Maui's Best Horseback8/26/2015 “One of the best days of our summer!”
My wife, eleven year old and fifteen year old went to this Ranch. It was absolutely one of the best decisions I have made travelling. My youngest, eleven, went on a guided horseback ride with Joanna while my wife and fifteen year old went on the Zipline at another location on the Ranch and enjoyed it immensely. Joanna provided us with a rich history of the ranch and Maui upcountry plants. We saw incredible vistas on both adventures and finished the day in Makawao. I highly recommend this Ranch and hope to visit again some day! Mahalo, Joanna!

– David A., St. Albert, Canada

Maui Horseback Riding

Maui's Best Horseback8/25/2015 “Outstanding”
This is by far the best horse riding place on Maui. Our guide Joanna was lovely, and the horses are excellent and well cared for. Add to that the amazing scenery and it makes for a winning experience that I would highly recommend. We did a private ride and will definitely be doing it again the next time we’re on Maui. Thank you!

– HMG, Boston, Massachusetts

Maui Horseback Riding

Maui's Best Horseback8/12/2015 “Discover Up-Country Maui”
Piiholo Ranch, part of the original Baldwin estate near Makawao is definitely worth a visit. My husband and I are longtime ranch owners and horsemen, so we could not resist the urge to see some country on horseback. It was a highlight of our trip to ride Jedi and Maui, accompanied by Kim on a tour of this beautiful, historic ranch with its lush pastures, rain forests and awe inspiring views. Lunch at the “cabin” was well prepared and delicious. A fabulous private experience worth every penny.

– Travel Addict, Denver, Colorado

Maui Horseback Riding

Maui's Best Horseback11/3/2014 “Great Gentle Walk and Beautiful Views”
This ride is a must. You are “matched” to a horse that is on par with your riding ability. (I have little to none). I felt completely safe on my horse and Morgan, the wrangler, assured me that I was on the right horse. The gentle horseback ride travels up and down some easy slopes with spectacular views from the top of the property. The trail through the rainbow eucalyptus trees is both fragrant and beautiful. We went on a picture perfect day and did not need any of the extra layers we brought with us. Bring your own water container as there is water available at the ranch.

– Susan F.